We are a hub of help for all your Microsoft needs. We provide instructions and guidelines of www.office.com/setup, www.office.com/activate, www.office.com/my account and office.com/setup. After understanding that many people across the world encounter challenges untold concerning access to Microsoft products, we created this site to act as the immediate consultation to all of these Microsoft needs. Regardless of your knowledge of Microsoft, we offer simple, concise guidelines to meet the nature of your needs in Microsoft.

Microsoft is among the leading companies that have open access to their software to the public, with most of these programs being free. Nonetheless, there are processes and guidelines that need to be followed to be able to access these products. At https://msofficeset-up.com we guide you from the very preliminary steps in accessing these programs, successfully loading them to your PC or Mac and thereafter setting them up for use.

www.office.com/setup is our catalog that helps you with the steps to set up the Microsoft office through account creation with Microsoft, feeding your product key and ultimately running your office. www.office.com/activate will help you activate your product to make it available for use. With the needs of managing your Microsoft account, www.office.com/my account will have you settled on the process to manage your subscription and account. Office.com/setup finally finishes with the requirements needed to have your products running.

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