Activation of Microsoft Office computer program and how is it beneficial for business explains the needed requirements for the activation of Microsoft to access its products. It is explained that understanding the availability of Microsoft programs and the needed activation is two different things. This is because, despite the fact that these programs are open-licensed to the access of the public, there is a laid step that must be followed to access the products.

There are three methods possible for use in the activation of Office. explains them are discussed below:

1.By using a Microsoft Account

When you are using a Microsoft account for activation, you need to follow the following instructions:Download the office from the official Microsoft website if you do not have already in your PC.

  • Open the start button in your PC or MAC
  • Choose on a single office product like word or spreadsheets.
  • From the interface of the chosen Office product, you will find an option to ACTIVATE with an icon denoted by a key.
  • In the activate icon choose the “sign-in” option and enter your account details i.e. Email address and password.
  • Follow the prompts that appear at the interface and click next to finish the activation.

2. Using a product key on an Office App explains the following as the steps to be taken to activate Office using a product key from an Office App.

  1. Click and choose a product from your installed Office.
  2. Choose to activate from the interface
  3. From the activate option-click enter a product key.
  4. Enter the product key details and click continue.
  5. From an option labeled “Add this key to your account” click “Redeem Online”.
  6. Choose the sign-in option and feed your account details
  7. Click on the finish activation button to have your product key successfully linked with your account.

3Using a product key on the Office site.

Follow the following steps if activating office from the web version of Office.Access from your browser. This is site is recommended to help you directly with Office activation.

  1. Click sign in from the red button displayed from the interface.
  2. Feed-in your account details.
  3. After signing in, their system will produce a prompt asking you to enter your product key.
  4.  Fill in your product key numbers and click next
  5. You will be required to select your country, region, and language.
  6. Check on automatic renewal and ensure it is on.

Fill your credit card details and click next

  1. You will be redirected to a Microsoft account webpage where an option to download the program will appear.
  2. Click install to have the program installed in your PC or Mac where you will be automatically redirected to an installation page.
  3. Click install from that page to have your program running in your PC or Mac.
  4. recommends the three discussed steps as the best methods to activate a Microsoft Office Account.

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