Microsoft remains unbeatable in providing the most used computer applications in the world. This has been from the mastery of a user-friendly interface that most of the office programs come in. This makes it easy to use and does not need a mastery to exactly perform duties with. In addition, most Office programs are used daily in managing, analyzing and presenting data in research and studies.

Nonetheless, for you to unlock the full potential of these office programs, you have to first familiarize yourself with the process of activating your Microsoft products which starts at www.office.com/myaccount. You need to first create an account with Microsoft to be able to access its products. An account is created free of charge at www.office.com/myaccount. Microsoft requires you to register so that all your purchased products can be linked to your account for recognition and easy activation. www.office.com/myaccount is a tool to assess the membership of people who uses Microsoft products or are interest in the products.

www.office.com/myaccount signs you into a wizard that asks you to log in. instead of logging in, there is an option to create an account. Click on creating an account and www.office.com/myaccount will redirected to several entries which you are to fill for registration of the account.

Typically, an email address with a strong password for sign-in is used to create the Microsoft account at www.office.com/myaccount. Once this email is accepted to identify you as an account holder, www.office.com/myaccount will be able to use it every time when accessing the Microsoft products. This email does not typically send mails from the Microsoft website but it can still be used in outlooks and Gmail apps and web to send and receive emails. Any valid email account can be used to register an account with Microsoft at www.office.com/myaccount.

www.office.com/myaccount sends alert messages for any suspicious activity with login at outlook. This helps to prevent your account from hackers. The alert message is legit from www.office.com/myaccount requires you to report immediately if you are not the one who will have successfully logged in to your Microsoft account. You are to ignore the alert if you are the one who will have access to your Microsoft account.

A Microsoft account can be created from a phone. All you need is the internet and a smart phone. You are to slide down the interface of your phone and tap into all settings. From here you are supposed to choose email. From email, you are to choose Microsoft account. www.office.com/myaccount will direct you to the fill in of the details all through. At the long last, an account will have been created from www.office.com/myaccount

Suppose you forget your logging in password, you are to selected forgot password option that is next to the space where you are to fill the password. If there are any security options you may have chosen when creating the account such as a recovery email or phone number, a coded messaged will be sent from www.office.com/myaccount to the recovery accounts where you can access and follow to create a new password. After this, you should be able to successfully log into your Microsoft account.