Purchasing an office product of Microsoft is not the end of the short step to having it running in your handset or PC. There are steps that you should follow at www.office.com/setup in order to complete the activation. When you purchasing a Microsoft product, you should be given a product key to be served at www.office.com/setup. With a valid Microsoft account, you should then access www.office.com/setup. You will then be required to insert the product key. This is a key that each Microsoft products come with. It is a time engraved behind the product bought from the Microsoft sales outlets. However, if you bought the product online, the key is emailed to your email.

This key is a set of digits which are not identical to any others and identifies the only product bought as genuinely purchased. When you bought an electronic gadget installed with the office, the product may be written somewhere in the hardware and mostly at the back or bottom of the tangible hand wares of the gadget. When the product key is fed into the wizard, www.office.com/setup will give you access to the office programs. To complete the activation, you are supposed to run your office in the hard disk of your computer. Open any of the office programs like word, excel, access and PowerPoint. From the open interface, you will get an activation icon. Click on the icon and let it load in the www.office.com/setup. The product will have successfully been activated for use.

Remember that there are numerous errors that may be encountered in activating the office through www.office.com/setup.  Reasons vary much on the causing factors to these errors. Some of them may be due to compatibility issues with your android version or the kernel build model of your handset device.There are different methods of office activation depending on the office version. The process explained above on www.office.com/setup is for a new product key purchased. However, the setup process is a bit different for following office versions: Office 365, 2019, 2016 and 2013, Office that is pre-installed on a new Windows 10 device, Office purchase or offers that is included on a new Windows 10 device, Office HUP.

If you fail to activate your office when it becomes outdated or when newly installed, you will have to bear with constant messages of activation of the office every time you access any of the office products prompted by www.office.com/setup. These reminder messages may also come as errors in activation wizards which prompts you to make the activation of your office. However, this is for the product key requiring office version. When using Office 365, www.office.com/setup disables your account within 31 to 120 days after the date of deactivation.

www.office.com/setup provides nearly the very last steps of product activation. www.office.com/setup acts as a verification means that a product has been given access to the program after being verified as genuinely purchased through the successful recognition of a valid product key.